Welcome to Mopetro Limited

Mopetro opened its doors to the motoring public in may 2004 at a modest site at Kagoma on Bombo Road,outside Kampala city. Right at the beginning we had a customer focused philosophy. MOPETRO Ltd. re invested profits in consumer fuel points in industrial concern as well as stand alone fuel pumps in the outskirts of Kampala, as well as a mini depot.

we provide high quality service


Vision for the future

In 2022 Mopetro is a fun filled petrol retail network that has changed the way motorists think about refueling their cars. Our petrol stations are well designed with artistic canopies, music under the canopies and friendly staff clad in uniforms that reflect a fun loving spirit. Our stations have hair salons, restaurants and pharmacies depending on local market prospects. Our customers mainly consist of commercial light tracks. The restaurants and hair salons have also brought in another niche of trend seeking customers. We are totally committed to environment, health and safety. We also have in place stringent quality control measures which ensure that our customers always get the correct quality and quantity of petrol. At Mopetro, a litre is a litre.

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